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APTA Spring Conference 2019

April 26 & 27  Friday and Saturday

Rosedale Community Centre
Claire Malcolm
MSc., Registered Clinical Psychologist

This 2-day workshop focuses on Ricky Greenwald’s therapeutic model and how to apply it with children. Participants learn key concepts including learning to assess trauma, the role of attachment for ‘fence building; aka: safety’, and interventions to ‘build the knight; aka: security’. The workshop includes lecture and hands-on learning. The goal is to increase awareness of the model, while building hands on skills useful in clinical settings.

Ricky Greenwald’s Fairy Tale Model is a comprehensive phase model of trauma-informed treatment. This research-supported model is featured in Dr. Greenwald’s recent books: Child Trauma Handbook, EMDR Within a Phase Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment, Treating Problem Behaviors, Progressive Counting, and the comic book, A Fairy Tale.

Claire Malcolm is a Registered Psychologist with a specialization in counselling. She has supported children, teens, and their families for over 25 years. She has had the privilege of developing an understanding of how loss, divorce, mental health, interpersonal relationships, trauma, learning disabilities, low self esteem, and systems impact the people we love.
With this knowledge she has assisted many individuals find their way back to their desired level of ‘health’ or re-discover their health.  The use of narrative, trauma resolution, attachment, systemic, and bereavement theories have influenced her practice. Recently she has incorporated Animal Assisted Therapy theory to augment her skill base.

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