Gillian Vellet, EarthWorks (2007)

Friday June 08, 2007 - 8:00 am
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Gillian Vellet, BFA, DTAT, RCAT, DSABA

Gillian Vellet, BFA, DTAT, RCAT, DSABA, is a registered art therapist and Biodanza dance movement facilitator. Gillian has an interdisciplinary background in dance, art education, fine art, expressive arts therapies, shamanic studies, cultural studies, art therapy and Biodanza dance movement. Gillian’s areas of specialization include working with children, adolescents, adults, families, the aged, teachers, and groups around the emotional issues of the inner child, creative and expressive potential, dream work, identity, gender, embodiment, sexual and spiritual intimacy, diversity, loss, trauma, abuse, personality disorders, and family constellations.

Earthworks is a shamanic workshop and process of creative synergy incorporating the holistic processes of music, dance movement of Biodanza, play, ritual, stories, and creation of clay earthworks and art therapy. Earthworks builds a spirit of community, feeds spiritual fire, and grounds creativity in culture. The social action of sharing the materials, sensory, physical, perceptual, and affective experiences, and human movement strengthens belonging and connection with the healing power of touch.