Nancy & Terence, Innovations in Play Therapy Without Language (2012)

Nancy Miller-Stone and Terence Stone
Friday October 26
9:00 am (8:30 registration)
member price: $80
non-member price: $100
student price: $40

During a recent trip to South- and South-East Asia, Nancy and Terence were repeatedly faced with the struggles of communicating without language. This persistent difficulty became an ethical and instrumental crisis when working at the Thai orphanage, Baan Unrak, caring primarily for Burmese children of Karen ethnicity. Nancy and Terence were asked by the orphanage director to engage six extremely traumatized children over a six-week period. After struggling with the ethical questions around “do no harm”, they were faced with instrumental difficulties centered on utilizable space, a lack of supplies, cultural differences, and absolutely no language whatsoever. Ultimately the outcomes were positive overall and for each of the children to varying degrees. This presentation is about their journey with the children and the solutions they found. All has come to enrich the possibilities of work with children here in Canada. Come and journey with them for the day.

Nancy Miller-Stone, BSW, MA (Pastoral Psychology), RCC: Nancy completed her Bachelor’s of Social Work degree at the University of Calgary in 1996. She completed her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Psychology and Counselling at St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton in 2006. Nancy is certified in both (IBP) Integrative Body Psychotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming). Nancy has an eclectic therapeutic perspective using the integrative arts and client perceptions of spirituality. She has experience in the fields of adoption, playschool, crisis care and family violence. Family counselling has been a significant part of her world, along with play therapy and filial therapy. She has developed workshops on creativity, spirituality, body image, mandalas, parenting, self-care, and labyrinth walks, amongst others

Terence Stone, MA (Lit), MSW, RCC: Terence completed a First Class Honours degree in English Literature at the University of Calgary. He went on to complete his Master of Arts (Lit) at the same institution. Terence then completed his Master of Social Work degree at the University of Toronto, where he specialized in addictions. In 2004 he completed a two-year Core Connexion Transformational Arts program, a movement/dance focused program using a variety of other, adjunct integrative arts. His counselling experience has been diverse, beginning with family violence counselling of women, men and children and extending to grief work with hospice clients. Parenting approaches, play therapy, men’s issues, and gender identity are current, but not exclusive, focuses of his work.