Cyndi Starzyk‐Frey, Popular Culture: An Epic Workshop (2011)

Using Pop Culture in work with Children and Teens
Friday Oct 21, 2011
9:00 (8:30 registration)
Lethbridge Public Library
member price: $90
non-member price: $100
student price: $90

This dynamic, creative and humorous one day workshop will introduce the audience to the wonderful world of Pop Culture and inventive ways to use it in your work with children and teens. Cyndi StarzykFrey is a Lethbridge Child and Family Therapist with specialized training in Play Therapy. She has always been fascinated with popular culture. A selfdescribed pop culture fanatic,she uses her knowledge of the latest music, celebrities, TV shows, movies, books, dance, and magazines in her day to day practice with young children and teens. This workshop will provide you with some specific techniques you will be able to take with you that may help you to engage with your clients, and even intervene with a number of issues in their lives. It may even show how pop culture can be a positive influence rather than the negative portrayal it too often receives. It is intended for therapists, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, teachers, teaching assistants and absolutely anyone who works with children and teens. This workshop has been rated G for all audiences.

Cyndi StarzykFrey is a Child and Family Therapist in private practice in Lethbridge, Alberta where she specializes in trauma work. Part of her practice also focuses on Collaborative Divorce work where she serves the community as a Child Specialist. A longstanding member of the Alberta Play Therapy Association, she is currently on the Board. Cyndi is also actively involved in Rotary, serving as Director – Service Projects and Youth. She teaches parttime at Lethbridge College in Psychology/ Sociology, enjoying her work with that age group as well. In her spare time she enjoys being a mother and wife, reading, writing oneact plays, acting, and travel; most recently returning from Budapest and Prague where she was able to immerse herself into some European popculture!