Spring Conference 2011: G Neufeld, The Attachment Puzzle

Dr. Gordon Neufeld
May 13th & 14th
9:00 am (8:30 registration)
Greenwood Inn & Suites
member price: $235
non-member price: $270
student price: $235

The Attachment Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together. This is a course specifically designed for play therapists as well as others involved therapeutically with children. This 2 Day conference will outline a coherent model of attachment that can be used to assess attachment problems as well as remediate them. The impacts of long term and short term separation will be explored and the conceptual tools to assess a child’s attachments will be provided. Over the two days participants will learn to make sense of the anxious as well as the agitated child and be able to read the signs of dysfunctional alarm. In addition, a model of aggression that has clear implications for treatment will be provided. Dr. Neufeld will also introduce the ‘separation complex’ as an over-arching syndrome that can account for a myriad of problem behaviours as well as qualify a child for a number of diagnoses.

The 2 Day conference will be separated into eight mini-sessions:
1. How children are meant to attach    2. Why children need to attach    3. When children face separation too much to bear    4. Reading the signs of pervasive alarm   
5. Making sense of aggression    6. Recognizing attachment in reverse 7. Fostering Healthy Attachment   8. Using Play for Assessment and Treatment

Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.
Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a Vancouver-based developmental psychologist who consults with parents and professionals regarding children and their problems. He brings to us his unique synthesis of the developmental literature and his exceptional ability to make children understandable. He has a widespread reputation for being able to make sense of difficult and complex problems and for opening doors for change. His style is dynamic, his approach is refreshing and his effect is to affirm intuition. He is the creator of the Neufeld Institute.